Palette Life Sciences Launches Newly Branded Website Featuring United States Portfolio

Brand Refresh Showcases US and Global Commercial Products Dedicated to Treatment of Unmet Medical Needs


Palette Life Sciences, a fully integrated global life sciences company dedicated to improving patient outcomes, today launched its newly renovated website.

The website features a revamped company master brand that supports all products in the Palette Life Sciences portfolio, which focuses on minimally invasive treatments targeting unmet medical needs in radiotherapy and interventional oncology procedures, urology/urogynecology disorders and colorectal conditions.

“Palette is proud of our best-in-class product portfolio that brings hope to those with unmet medical needs,” said Per G. Langö, Chief Executive Officer and Board Directorof Palette Life Sciences. “As we rebranded our website, we considered how we can best highlight these products in a manner that helps both patients and healthcare providers build trust in our products.”

Palette Life Sciences’ current portfolio includes the following products available in the United States:

  • Deflux® VUR, a minimally invasive, first-line treatment for vesicoureteral reflux (VUR), a malformation of the ureteral tunnel in the bladder affecting 1% of children worldwide. VUR can allow infected urine to backflow into the patient’s kidneys, which can lead to severe infections of the urinary tract and irreversible kidney damage. In addition to the United States, Deflux for VUR is available in Australia, Canada, Europe, Latin America, New Zealand and Japan.
  • Solesta is Palette Life Sciences’ minimally invasive, first-line interventional treatment for fecal incontinence, a debilitating health problem affecting up to 18% of people worldwide. An outpatient product, Solesta is for patients 18 years and older who have failed conservative therapy, such as diet, fiber therapy, antimotility medications, and pelvic floor exercises (Kegels). Solesta is the only injectable treatment approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and CE marked for fecal incontinence in the United States and Europe.

Global commercial products not yet available in the United States include the following:

  • Barrigel®, Palette Life Sciences’ flagship product, is a biodegradable injectable device for protection of the rectal wall when treating prostate cancer with radiation. Barrigel is approved for prostate rectum separation in Australia and Europe and will be further developed for future market introduction in the United States and Japan.
  • Deflux® SUI, a minimally invasive, first-line treatment for Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) in women, which is characterized by the involuntary leakage of urine, typically upon exercise, coughing or sneezing. It is a common condition that may affect up to 25% of adult women. Deflux for SUI is currently only available in Canada
  • Lidbree™ is a proprietary topical delivery technology that provides short-acting mucosal pain relief during placement of an intrauterine device (IUD). The product has additional potential applicability to a range of other important women’s health procedures. Lidbree is approved for commercial use in Europe and will be further developed for future market introduction in the United States, where it is not currently available for commercial sale.

Palette Life Sciences’ product portfolio leverages its global rights to Non-Animal Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid (NASHA®), a mildly stabilized form of hyaluronic acid, as a foundational platform for its products that serve oncologic, pediatric and incontinence patients across the globe. NASHA has been proven safe and effective and has been used for more than 20 years in over 50 million medical procedures worldwide. Licensed by Palette from Galderma, NASHA’s proprietary properties make it ideal for a broad range of medical uses.

“By obtaining rights to NASHA technologies, Palette Life Sciences has the ability to both produce and leverage a portfolio of products that are adaptable, customizable and flexible,” said Travis Gay, Chief Commercial Officer of Palette Life Sciences. “Hyaluronic acid, a natural biomedical material found naturally in the human body, offers a safe, effective alternative to synthetic materials that we are proud to offer to our patients.”

About Palette Life Sciences

Palette Life Sciences is a fully integrated life sciences company. Palette Life Sciences’ products improve patient outcomes in urology and urogynecology disorders, colorectal conditions, radiotherapy, and interventional oncology procedures. The company’s portfolio of available products includes Deflux®, Barrigel®, Solesta®, and Lidbree™. Palette Life Sciences moves rapidly to leverage novel applications of existing technologies to create breakthrough medical solutions. This focus enables the company to serve those often overlooked by traditional medical companies and improve patient quality of life. Led by experienced healthcare executives, Palette Life Sciences is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with offices in Santa Barbara, California, Dallas, Texas, and Sydney, Australia. Learn more at

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